Alain Lou

Setting Expectations


2020 was not a great year.

I felt after the pandemic hit and everything went online, I was in a slump. I had little motivation to do anything, especially anything related to self-improvement or personal health.

I've never been the type to set new years resolutions, but if there was any year to do it, I think 2021 would be it. There's a light at the end of this tunnel, and I'm starting ask myself what kind of person I want to be when the pandemic ends.

I know a total personal transformation is unlikely, but there are things that I really think I should work on.

Here are my resolutions for this Winter term (Jan to Apr 2021):

  1. Get to 10 pullups in one go
  2. Run twice a week
  3. Build pong on my FPGA board
  4. Be closer connected and appreciative of my family
  5. Bake weekly

Hopefully this'll keep me busy and productive.

Sharing this on the internet, where nothing can be deleted, is an accountability tool for myself.

See ya in a few months!

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